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cinematic shot from The Grand Budapest Hotel
June 13, 2024

Tips for taking great cinematic shots in film

Want to elevate your visual storytelling? Learn how to take great cinematic shots through the art of framing, composition and camera movement.
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June 6, 2024

Guide to sustainable film production

To become a green film industry, we need to transform many of the current processes. Learn how film productions can become more sustainable.
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still from nature documentary Planet Earth, showing David Attenborough wildlife filming with Penguins
May 23, 2024

Wildlife filming: What to consider

Looking to get into wildlife filming? Learn how filmmakers balance creativity with respect for nature, and celebrate the richness of our planet.
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May 16, 2024

Sourcing portable facilities for your film set

Not all film sets have access to essential facilities and amenities for cast and crew. That's when hiring portable welfare units are a must.
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two film crew members going over a call sheet next to a film camera
May 9, 2024

How to create a call sheet

Looking for advice on how to craft a killer call sheet? From essential components to mistakes to avoid, discover everything you need to know.
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April 25, 2024

10 stunning UK 'Doctor Who' filming locations

Tour 10 amazing filming locations across England and Wales showcased in one of the UK's most popular hit shows, Doctor Who.
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April 18, 2024

Essential guide to movie set construction for film productions

Let's dive into the world of set building, from who is involved to what a successful movie set needs to achieve.
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April 11, 2024

10 iconic desert film locations around the world

Discover 10 breathtaking desert landscapes that have shaped some of the most famous scenes in cinematic history.
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Film still from The Notebook (2004), featuring a romantic scene in the rain
March 28, 2024

Dealing with weather on film shoots

Discover the ways in which filmmakers manage unpredictable weather on film shoots, and ensure a seamless production from start to finish.
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March 21, 2024

10 British farm locations for filming

From ancient farms to large country estates, we have compiled 10 amazing British farm locations for hire that are sure to inspire you.
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film still showing a beach location from The Beach
March 14, 2024

10 famous beach locations for filming

Discover 10 famous beach locations across the globe that stood in for some of cinema's most iconic seaside scenes.
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February 29, 2024

A complete guide to finding location scouting work

If you need help finding location scouting work, we've got you covered with our in-depth guide on how to get into this exciting field.
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image of a film crew
February 22, 2024

Low budget film locations for location scouting on a budget

Finding low budget film locations is all about thinking outside the box, leveraging community resources, and maximising the potential of every space.
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February 15, 2024

Transforming locations for period dramas & historical films

Scouting locations for a period drama takes extra care and attention to detail, here are the steps you need to consider
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February 8, 2024

Virtual location scouting with Google Earth

There are times when it's just not possible to visit potential film locations. Find out how Google Earth can help you scout locations virtually instead.
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image of a film crew in a large warehouse
February 1, 2024

How to conduct a location recce for film productions

We break down everything you need to know about finding locations, assembling your recce team and completing a successful recce for your film production
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January 25, 2024

How to get filming permission in London

Obtaining filming permission is a critical step for location scouts and filmmakers wanting to film in public spaces across London. Find out what steps you need to take for a smooth filming experience.
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