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Gabriel Isserlis

Founder & CEO
I’ve worked in film, tv, music, theatre, events, and computer programming. 

My personal mission: to give creative people more time to create, with technology

Favourite things to watch:

• How To Train Your Dragon trilogy
• Spiderman No Way Home, Wonka
• White Collar & Fringe (TV)
• BTS on The Lord of the Rings
• MKBHD, Slow Mo Guys, VFX Artists React, Wild Wonderful Off Grid on YouTube

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Edward George

Head Of Marketing
Favourite things to watch:

• Chernobyl (HBO Mini Series)
• Whiplash
• Good Will Hunting
• Blue Lights
• Snatch
• Layer Cake

Fleur Capocci

Head of Customer Success
Favourite things to watch:

• Daisy Jones & The Six
• Big Little Lies
• The Last Kingdom
• The Traitors
• Mountains on Stage film collections
• Chris Williamson's Modern Wisdom on YouTube

Dharmil Trivedi

Head Of Engineering
Favourite things to watch:

• Money Heist (first part)
• One Piece

Vidhi Bhatt

Quality Assurance Engineer
Favourite things to watch:

• Hera Pheri
• Andhadhun
• Asur
• Permanent roommate
• Avatar
• The Shawshank Redemption
• The Fault in Our Stars

Bhaskar Zala

Front End Engineer
Favourite things to watch:

(coming soon)

Pooja Joshi

Back End Engineer
Favourite things to watch:

• Baahubali: the Beginning
• 3 Idiots
• Kota Factory
• The Pursuit of Happyness
• Elemental
• The Lion King

Becky Tudor

Content Manager
Favourite things to watch:

(coming soon)

Esther Cooke

Favourite things to watch:

(coming soon)

Matt Hall

Location Lister
Favourite things to watch:

(coming soon)

James Hunter

Social media
Favourite things to watch:

(coming soon)

The inspiration behind SuperScout

We built Tutti to give creative people more time to create, by reducing the time it takes to find and book amazing spaces for any creative use.
But during our time growing that, we’ve had hundreds, if not thousands of conversations, with a wide variety of people from the creative industries. We kept on hearing time and again that it was useful for one off bookings, and more commonly in music, theatre, dance, than video/photo shoots. But it wasn’t so useful to people who source locations professionally, because 9 times out of 10, if you do it professionally, you find, book, and manage places through human relationships, not an online database.

So we kept talking… To anyone who was kind enough to give us some of their precious time & feedback.

It became clear that the issue for people who source locations professionally, was not sourcing more locations, but rather being able to recall all the ones they already knew. Right now most people do that in Dropbox, Google Drive, and Smugmug. But all keywords have to be added manually, and none of those platforms have a map based search system.

In Dec 2023, we started pitching the idea of combining Tutti’s geographical search, with an automated keyword tagging solution to some location scouts, managers, agencies, and directors. The general response can be summarised by two words: “hell yes!”

So that’s what we’re building (in its simplest form).

We love building things in collaboration with our users, so if you like this idea, and want to help build it into the best software for people who find & manage mass amounts of locations professionally, please get in touch!
SuperScout is a private, cloud-based locations library to help location managers, scouts and film schools store, search and share locations for film, tv and video productions.
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