Our goal is to be affordable, flexible and transparent.

There are 2 costs:
Monthly subscription for data storage
Pay as you go credits for Instant Keyword Generation

Monthly fees includes some credits, but if you run out, you can always top up

Starting prices / month

Purchasing per year will give you 2 months free.


Starts at:

£10 / month

Up to 10,000 photos

Instant keyword generation
(100 credits / month)

1 user

Company / Organisation

Starts at:

£100 / month

Up to 50,000 photos

Instant keyword generation
(1500 credits / month)

Up to 20 users

All plans will have the following:

All data will be private to you!

Map & keyword based search

Access anywhere, anytime

Simple, beautiful, secure, sharing

No monthly contract – you can cancel or pause at any time.

Human customer support

Join the waitlist to get early access

Instant keyword generation

Pay as you go – 1 credit = 1 photo
In every plan, you get some credits to start, but if you run out you can simply top up with any of the following options.



250 credits



2,750 credits



30,000 credits

Account hibernation

If work slows down, or you take a break,
and you don’t want to keep spending large monthly amounts,
but you want to save all your data…

We offer

Sleep Mode

Cost reduced by 90%

Limited access (2 times / month max)
Slow search
No uploads

All your data stays safe and secure

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By joining the waitlist