Locations library built for film schools

Retain Knowledge. Save Time. Inspire Students.

We help you and your students reach their full potential by centralising all of your locations in one place for everyone to access – past, present & future.

How Does SuperScout Work?

Why SuperScout?

Retain Knowledge

Every year students build up valuable lists of locations and the relationships/contact details that go alongside them.

But all too often future students can’t access these locations because there’s no record kept by film schools.

With SuperScout we make it easy to retain and keep all of this knowledge so you can pass it onto future students in minutes.

SuperScout dashboard

Save Time

Staff can share once and share all when it comes to the local locations available to their students.

This helps your teaching staff avoid locations admin and get back to focusing on what they do best; teaching.

With just a few steps, your students have access to your entire location library built by you and your past students.

Inspire Your Students

Inspire students and enhance their creative flow with available locations, not unavailable ones.

SuperScout also allows students to add previous films and clips shot at each location, inspiring other students with unique and innovative ways a location can be used.

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